Stealth Video

More than Ever, Video on Demand

Like any good stealth installation, stealth video is there when you need it, and not there when you don’t. But how do you hide a 65-inch flat screen television, especially when space is at premium, or when you absolutely refuse to allow a cabinet-filled wall to become a room’s focal point? Often the best answer is “in plain sight.”

Acoustix offers a range of video solutions designed to put your big TV quietly in its place. From flip-mounts disguised as art to mirror TVs or craftily hidden nooks, let Acoustix find the perfect product and installation solution for your interior space:

  • Flip-out and flip-around television mounts disguised as art
  • In-mirror televisions (lit and non-lit)
  • Ceiling and drop television mounts
  • Moving panel mechanisms

Hot Product

The Deco TV Frames line is exclusively designed for Samsung®’s The Frame TV as a premium frame line offering gold, silver, white, and more options spanning 16 styles to suit any decor. Each frame ships as four pieces that magnetically assemble at the corners and clip onto the TV.