Home Security/Surveillance

Home Security Systems

Protect your home with top-grade security, surveillance and access systems designed and installed by Acoustix.


Acoustix can design any system to match the protection levels you desire, including burglary, fire and emergency protection. Systems can be hardwired or wireless and can work with either personal or central station monitoring.

Access Control

Give access to or restrict access from whomever enters or leaves your home and property. Acoustix’s access control solutions include key cards, numeric keypad and other forms of controlled access that are customizable to individuals, times, days of the week and dates.


Cameras are everywhere in today’s society. That doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore. Acoustix specializes in the design and placement of video-based security systems that are quietly present (in and of itself providing a level of deterrence) while offering a complete range of capabilities including full recording, remote Internet viewing, night vision, thermal vision and more.

alibi vigilant security system

Hot Product

The Alibi Vigilant MStar 4MP IP System is a complete 4MP 6-camera IP video security system. It includes all the components you need, plus 24/7 monitoring. The system comes with a security grade NVR with a 2TB hard drive, enabling you to store video recordings locally, without additional monthly fees for cloud storage. With infrared night vision, your cameras can see up to 98’ in the dark, for complete day/night protection.