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Motorized and Manual Shades for Homes

Elegant, Clean and Many Levels of Cool

Acoustix sells and installs motorized and manual window treatments for homes. Each motorized solution is automated and fully programmable, allowing homeowners to adjust for changing weather, sunlight or indoor activities with a single touch of a controller. Control methods include remote control, switches, AV and home automation systems, timers and light sensors.

Motorized and manual shades and blinds add elegance, style and convenience to any room of your home and can offer increased energy savings. Motorized versions can easily be programmed for “shades up” in cooler months to allow for more sunlight, and “shades down” in warmer months to help keep specific spaces, or entire homes, cooler.

  • Design and styles to fit any residential space
  • Added security and privacy, while at home or away
  • Increased energy savings