Home Fiber Optics

Home Fiber Optic Wiring and Data

High Throughput for 4K Video and Higher

As technology improves, so do the burdens on bandwidth and transfer rates — especially for video signals. 4K is the new standard for those that are serious about their A/V equipment, and fiber optic cables installed by Acoustix provide a clear advantage.

The Case for Fiber Optics

HDMI cables are great for transmitting audio and video signals short distances, but larger rooms, including home theaters, often need electronics inline to ensure signal performance. This is especially true as home entertainment installations incorporate higher resolution 4K (4x higher than 1080p) equipment. Simply pulling a long HDMI cable or connecting multiple HDMI cables together can cause signal drop out, interference, pixelization and a host of other signal and performance problems. Plus, unlike copper HDMI cables and twisted pair extenders, fiber is immune to RF and EM interference, ensuring performance for years to come.

4K Here, There and Everywhere

  • Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Sony are streaming 4K
  • Blu-ray now supports 4K video
  • 4K TVs are more affordable than ever and are quickly becoming the in-home standard