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Home Computer Networking, Installation, Upgrades and Support

Acoustix also offers in-home IT solutions to residential customers.

PC and Laptop Repair

Whether for personal use or for a home business, computers are often the central component of today's tech-laden home. So when they're not working, everything else just feels off. Whether it's replacing a hard drive, motherboard, faulty memory or a myriad of other components that fail, our experienced technicians will get you up and running.

Software Upgrades

Keep up with your software's latest capabilities — and compatibilities — with software upgrade services from Acoustix. We'll even let you know it's OK to skip the latest release, or make recommendations on a better-suited alternative.

PC and Laptop Cleanups

Malware. Adware. Viruses. Spam. Unneeded helper applications. Hard disk fragmentation. All are factors that can contribute to a slow-running PC. Regularly scheduled maintenance and cleanups can keep your hardware running at peak performance.

Memory Upgrades

PC running a little slow? Or is the latest version of that software you just installed not performing as promised? It could be a memory issue. Memory expansion is often a simple and relatively inexpensive way to breathe new life into an older computer.

Operating System Upgrades

WIndows Vista. Windows 7. Windows 8. Windows 10. OSX. Just a sampling of the myriad of operating systems out there. Determining the best option for your home or home office depends on a number of factors, including internal system specifications as well as software and hardware compatibility. We'll help you determine the best option for your needs, and make sure you receive a clean and properly configured install.

File- and Print-Sharing Setup

Sharing files between devices and printing is as basic as it gets. That doesn't mean setup is always easy. When you're stuck, or if you prefer to just skip the frustration alltogether, call on us.

Data Transfers and Backups

Data is the primary value of any computer. Make sure it's secure with regularly scheduled backups that are stored off-site. We'll help you find the right solution, whether cloud-based or on a physical drive. If your data is already secure but you need to migrate it to a new computer, we can help.

Wireless Network Setup

How many wireless devices are in your home? One sources estimates that there are now more than 500 million devices in U.S. homes connected to the Internet. That's about 5.7 devices per household.* Computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, streaming media devices, thermostats, audio/video equipment, home automation systems — they all require bandwidth, and they all need a dependable wireless network to perform at their best.

*Source: The NPD Group; March 2013

Refurbished PC Sales

Sometimes refurbished is just as good as new, especially when budgets are tight or if you're just looking for a secondary or dedicated workstation. Acoustix carries an inventory of refurbished PCs, all anxious to find a home. Contact us for current availability.

Custom-Built PCs

If you're looking for a new PC, Acoustix can configure a custom computer that fits your needs to a T. We use only commercial-grade chassis and components, all backed by a minimum one-year warranty. Plus, all of our custom PCs feature "clean installs," which means you're loaded with only the operating system and software you need. No built-in trial versions, plug-ins, freeware or adware to slow you down or just plain annoy you.

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